"May we introduce you to our society, "The Egyptian Clinical Neurophysiology Society"; ECNPS.

ECNPS was officially established on June 21st, 2012. It is headed by Prof. ANN A. Abdel Kader, the head of the Clinical Neurophysiology unit in Facultyof Medicine, Cairo University. It is having over 100 official members from a broad spectrum of specialities; Clinical Neurophysiology, Neurology, Pediatric Medicine, Physiotherapy.

Since we launched our scientific activity, we cared on holding and sharing in the scientific events in Egypt, that our speciality gets better represented regionally. So far held few EEG and EMG workshops in Kasr ElAiny hospital-Cairo University, Maadi armed forces hospital. We shared in the annual conference of the Neurology department-faculty of Medicine-Cairo University, 2014. We are scientifically sponsoring the postgraduate Clinical Neurophysiology courses in the Institute of Post Graduate Childhood Studies; Special needs care centre- Ain shams University."

ECNPS constitution

(the ECNPS is not yet a member of the IFCN but is anticipating membership in 2016)

  1. Name

    The Egyptian Clinical Neurophysiology Society

    (Registered under number 8767 on 21/6/2012 at the social solidarity directorate in Cairo; Pursuant to Egyptian law number 84 of 2002, on the non-governmental organizations and societies)

  2. Status

    The Egyptian Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ECNPS) is a scientific society following the- scope- relevant, scientific rules of- the general law for the Egyptian non-governmental organizations and societies. Such rules shall not intersect with rules and regulations agreed upon by the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN). The ECNPS represents members with an interest in the Clinical Neurophysiology. All subspecialty modalities are targeted and in particular, the EEG. The special concern dedicated to EEG is due to its recognizable, widespread role in health practice. All financial and legal matters will be dealt through the Executive Committee of the ECNPS.

  3. Objective

    3.1 To promote education and training of health professionals in the field of the Clinical Neurophysiology and in particular, the EEG.

    3.2 To continue to improve the practice of The Clinical Neurophysiology through advice on methods, techniques and interpretation of results in clinical neurophysiology.

    3.3 To promote research in all branches in the Clinical Neurophysiology and especially related sciences linked with EEG.

  4. Activities

    4.1 Initiating and coordinating research related to the Clinical Neurophysiology.

    4.2 Organizing professional meetings and conferences in the various fields of the Clinical Neurophysiology.

    4.3 Promoting education and training in the field of the Clinical Neurophysiology.

  5. Membership

    5.1 Membership is open to all physicians and healthcare professionals in Egypt and all over the world with an interest in the Clinical Neurophysiology as well as basic scientists with research interests in the Clinical Neurophysiology with particular regard to EEG technology.

    5.2 The Society shall have a minimum of ten (10) members.

    5.3 All members shall have the right to vote on any changes to the rules and regulations of the section and to stand for election as office bearers.

    5.4 Members pay dues, vote and may hold elective or appointive office.

    5.5 Any member who fails to pay dues for three successive years shall be considered to have withdrawn from the society, and their membership will be discontinued. The individual may, however, reapply for membership in the normal manner.

  6. Executive Committee

    6.1 The members of the Society shall elect among themselves an executive committee composed of a President, Secretary, Treasurer and two members to administer the affairs of the Society. They shall be elected by the members to a term of office of four (4) years.

    6.2 The President shall have the general and active management of the affairs of the Society and shall chair all meetings of the Society. They shall be responsible to make an annual report to the Executive Committee of the IFCN.

    6.3 The Secretary shall be responsible for the record keeping of the affairs of the Society and record the minutes of all meetings of the Society.

    6.4 The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping accurate accounts of all the financial affairs of the Society and be responsible to report these accounts to the Executive Treasurer of the IFCN.

  7. Changes to Rules and Regulations

    7.1 Any changes to the Rules and Regulations of the Society shall be subject to a vote of all members of the Society, won by a simple majority, and approved by the Executive Committee of the IFCN.

  8. Meetings

    8.1 The Society shall meet at a general assembly once a year. The quorum for such meetings shall be at least five (5) members of the Society.

    8.2 The annual report of the affairs of the Society shall be sent to the Executive Committee of the IFCN.

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